January 2020:


We can't solve problems using the same kind of thinking, we used when we created them.” ~ {Albert Einstein}

The entire economic system worldwide has gone from an ugly bubble to a black hole. The Federal Reserve announced they are going to print 2 trillion dollars for the stimulus package. The problem here is that one quadrillion isn’t enough to stop what were headed for. Why should everyone else be concerned?  Because the whole world’s currency is chained to it.

If the governments try to simply manufacture savings out of thin air, to get people deeper into debt by purchasing more products then they can afford, is going to destroy the currency. Taxation is going to implode, government expenditures are going to explode, the purchasing power of the “fiat” currency is going to go straight to Hell, and the stock markets are going to shut down for a generation.

As long as we have a lockdown and businesses are unable to operate, then it makes no difference how much money the Federal government throws at the market. The governments and economists are aware of this, therefore why are they headed down this path? Keep in mind what happened to Zimbabwean dollar and the Hungarian pengo. This is eminently going to create hyperinflation or a de-leveraging, that will result in a depression.

How does inflation happen?

Number of Goods/Services
Money Supply
Average Price of Goods/Sevices
1 Million
$10 Million
1 Million
$20 Million
Now there is twice as much money, the same amount of Goods/Sevices, prices increase causing 100% Inflation.

What is hyperinflation? Hyperinflation is when a country experiences a monthly inflation rate of over 50% or 13,000% annually. Extreme inflation forces people to spend as quickly as possible, rather than save or lend, so there is no money available to fund new businesses. All that uncertainty limits foreign investments and trade. The more money you print the more inflation you get. Economists refer to a dollar spent per year, “a velocity of money”. Therefore, when people spend their money as quickly as they get it, that increases velocity, which forces inflation up even faster.  

According to the American Institute for Economic Research a dollar in 1971 had 24 cents worth of purchasing power,
when compared to a dollar in 1913. Adollar in 2009 had about four cents worth of purchasing power on the same scale
this decline is known as inflation and it isn't restricted to the dollar.

Economist Paul Krugman stated that hyperinflation occurs when governments can't raise taxes or borrow to pay for their spending, therefore, they print more cash attempting to create revenue by creating money, this creates a snowball effect where governments end up printing more money, reducing its worth.

Asset bubbles have burst, real estate prices will fall, companies will fail, and this bogus service-sector economy will be allowed to unwind. Making it mandatory to declare the predicted, “Force Majeure”, of 2008.

Inflation is fundamentally an increase in money supply that decreases the buying power of the people. Hence, more money equals more inflation and debt. Therefore;

Soon, the housing crash will begin, and it will be epic. For if the lockdown continues, throughout the summer of 2020, millions could stop making their mortgage payments, hence, hyperinflation is going to happen as quickly as the stock market crashed in the first quarter of 2020, in a matter of days. Many mortgage companies are going to collapse, as the government allows 12 months for delinquencies, as property taxes are connected to municipalities. Property taxes must be paid, which is also connected to property values.

Mortgage companies may be ordered to stop recoveries, which stops the secondary market which is tied to a by-products and further debt issuances. Without investors, the housing market gets destroyed. Therefore, the entire system comes crashing down.

To make matters worse, this will create chaos and manufactured wars.

This is not the same as 2008 crisis, we are talking about a total worldwide economic collapse. Sadly, this is an engineer collapse. What North American’s need to comprehend is that virus or no virus, the system is totally fraudulent, and it was inevitable that it would fail at some point.

Due to a panic, fear and chaos, society is going to experience extreme violence, crime on a scale never before known, as a result of job loss and a lack of food. Society is going to become furious with the government, people will start dying due to a lack of medical care. As a result of most of society suffering from “normalcy bias”, mentally they won’t be able to accept world conditions, however, people can only stick their head in the sand for so long.

We need to understand that the economy was in a critical state before the engineered virus, the pandemic incident was the pin that popped the bubble.

The biggest crash is yet to take place, and that is the bond market. As it stands, we have gone from a market economy to a Central Bank forced Economy almost overnight.

Looting on a small scale and you are classified as a criminal, Steal from an entire country, as did Bill Gates, and you become a celebrity.

An Engineered collapse looks like this, the unemployment may rise to 25% or more by the end of June 2020, the reason I estimate unemployment at 25%, because that’s what it was during the great depression. Conversely, this is going to be the biggest economic collapse ever known to mankind. The world is not in a recession, but rather at the beginning of a depression. Unfortunately, such a collapse is not felt instantaneously, because there are reserves. But as it stands you have not seen anything yet. Canada is predicting that the social distancing, and reduced store hours, curb side shopping via preordering will last until November.

The way things are going, this economic collapse is going to make the 2008 crisis appear like a minuscule event. The best way to look at it is that our economy has blown a head gasket, and no longer able to repair it. Consequently, this means that our economy and society will never again be the same, nor will society ever know life as they once knew it to be.  

Businesses worldwide are bankrupting. This is threatening or even destroying our livelihood with fearmongering, while the political parasites in the government get full pay. The public is being lied to on an unprecedented scale. The fact that major hand outs have been given to corporations in recent years is concerning, which shows how fragile the economy is, coupled with how irresponsible corporations have been. Essentially, it is an indication as to how weak our economy really is.

Sadly, governments are trying to fund a hole that is collapsing in on itself. The government intends on inflating all the debts away, then create a new digital currency, and forget what happened.

Unfortunately, their solutions are the problem!

During this corona virus pandemic, if the government continues to keep spending money at these levels, there will be money in circulation, chasing after significant fewer goods and services. The result will be inflation, and a lot of it.

With half the country without income and no goods to buy while the Federal government squanders billions, can only result in hyperinflation. Because production under quarantine has no elasticity, money can only increase prices.

This is like what happened in Venezuela recently, it wasn’t the printing of the money that caused their problem, but it was the growth in goods and services not matching the money printed.

North American’s need to comprehend and acknowledge the this is, goodbye to our financial systems as we once knew it.

Although it may seem preposterous to think that this is a contrived incident, the overlords are making an intentional effort to crash the financial system, to set in motion hyperinflation. After all they are the ones who intentionally control the inflation cycles to begin with.

But the real question is, how much pain is caused and to whom. If the system was reset by honorable men with good intentions, we would stand a chance, but what are the chances of those who are in control anything but honorable or wise, when we look back to their history and the underlying agendas.

The true problem here is simultaneous demand and supply shocks, (not sequential but parallel), due to authoritarian dictates forcing the shutdown via state of emergency being imposed, military deployments to enforce curfews or quarantine, loss of rights, speech, assembly, freedoms against search and seizures and arbitrary confinement.

It is truly surprising that the government is forcing businesses to shut down. In Canada there are only 1,167,978 businesses of which, 407,175 are in Ontario, and 235,075 in the province of Quebec. This makes up 55% of the countries business sector.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy, and if the small business sector in Canada collapses, so does our economy.

Ironically, the government has always been better at wrecking the business sector, rather than fix it, they are like an arsonist who sets the fire and then turns up to save the victim, but only after the damage has been done. This is truly communist and socialist theory at work.

Helicopter money is defined as: This is an unconventional monetary policy tool aimed at bringing a flagging economy back on track. It involves printing large sums of money and distributing it to the public. American economist Milton Friedman coined this term. It basically denotes a helicopter dropping money from the sky. Friedman used the term to signify "unexpectedly dumping money onto a struggling economy with the intention to shock it out of a deep slump." Under such a policy, a central bank "directly increase the money supply and, via the government, distribute the new cash to the population with the aim of boosting demand and inflation."

If we consider all the lost income from the employment sector, the helicopter money, in most cases, it simply isn’t enough to backfill the losses, and an aggregated demand will simply continue, even with the helicopter money, due to the lockdown that really does not need to be in place.

If the lockdown continues, through the summer of 2020, millions could stop making their mortgage payments, hence, hyperinflation is going to happen as quickly as the stock market crashed in the first quarter of 2020, in a matter of days. Many mortgage companies are going to collapse, as the government allows 12 months for delinquencies, as this is connected to municipalities, but the taxes must be paid, which is also connected to property values.

 At the present time, the only area to spend money is mostly on groceries.  

One Thousand to two thousand dollars per family is nothing compared to the trillions, that these thieves have stolen from our economy for their own gain.

Here is a better idea, seize the Central Banks under the RICO Act for involvement in racketeering and funding terrorism, remove all fraudulent income taxes, and rehypothecate all the fraudulent tax receipts back to every single citizen who paid into this fraudulent system.Re-establish a currency which is back by gold and silver, cut back corporate tax rates to give businessan incentive to produce and stop spending money on unnecessary expenditures. The increase in gainful employment income would be phenomenal.

The dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1913. The United States is approximately 200 years old. So, from day one to 1999 the United States accumulated a deficit amounting to $ 5,674,178,209,886.86

Yet, at the end of 2019, it had increased by $17,045,223,543,546.80. That accounts for 75% of the current deficit, in only 20 years. Although Canada’s deficit is not in the trillions but in the billions, they are not far behind as the numbers are relative.

In a short period of time, relatively speaking, the economy will be shattered. If the virus effects from 5G doesn’t kill you, the economy will, limiting your ability to work, what you can eat, and where you will travel to. The outlook is bleak at best, and it not due to the virus, but due to the contrived government actions for the Agenda 21.

Lockdown means little or no new production, consuming what is stored as surplus in the distribution centres, while the government prints more money, causing us to bid together on the same scarce resources. This will result in hyperinflation.

Why is the price of gold not skyrocketing?  Seriously! People ran to hoard toilet paper but not gold!

Can’t society see the coming hyperinflation? More money fewer goods. Do the Math.

After the initial crash in 1929, the Federal Reserve dropped interest rates to zero output and prices fell, and society anticipated further price declines. Unemployment rose to 25%, and the average household income dropped to around 40%. Stagflation is when output slows down or stops or stagnates while prices rise.

Stagnant Economy + Inflation = Stagflation.

Central Banks tried to address this by boosting the money supply and cutting the interest rates, but the output couldn’t rise much because of the low productivity and oil shortage. The injection of the extra money only triggered inflation.

Through out history, in every case where it has occurred, there was an incident that disrupted the “natural” flow of goods that a country could produce.

Until governments truly embrace the mission of improving society, we are doomed to suffer repeatedly a worsening crisis which will ultimately lead to conflagration. Conflagration is defined as – an extensive fire which destroys a great deal of land or property.”

Although one may think that governments need to be held accountable, society has naively believed that voting for a new government will right the previous governments wrongs, but history has clearly shown us that this is not the case. Remember, the overlords control the governments.

In 1913, the United States was sold out, and the rest of the world selling out to the Bretton Woods agreement, at their most vulnerable time. Consequently, until the Federal Reserve and Bretton Woods are abolished, and private banking outlawed, absolutely nothing can be fixed, for the whole world is chained to it.

The entire world is a playground for the elite, not a democracy or even a nation. Hence, we need to comprehend, acknowledge and accept that the economy is going to crash. This is the contrived incident put in motion by the overlords, to begin ushering in the New World Order. History is repeating itself, in other words, the elite are about to pull off the largest robbery of all time.

the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ {Albert Einstein}

Society needs to accept the events that are taking place, for the time has come, as predicted thousands of years ago.

Ezekiel 7:19 says, "They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD's wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.”

Bail ins will not repair the economy, it will only cause more inflation. The only two ways to get out of the sovereign debt is, default or hyperinflation. However, the overlords are not willing to default and would rather create a condition of hyperinflation, for this is the perfect way to usher in the Agenda 21 (New World Order).

What is a Bail in?

Trudeau's new bill will allow banks to confiscate your hard-earned money. Yes, to confiscate your money, not because you owe it, but simply because the bank needs money. They can take it from you, this is Trudeau's idea of protecting Canadian taxpayers. This is called the bail in, its opposite to the bail out.


This section of the banking law allows banks to confiscate your money, if they're failing. The government can then give them permission to take the money out of your account, and give you in exchange, shares in their failing bank!

Unfortunately, this is something that is now law in Canada.

In 2008, when the American housing market crashed, the government, not just in America, but Canada and around the world had to bail out banks.

Interestingly, the governments gave these financial institutions money to bail them out, but, remember where the money came from in the first place, the banks.

Governments worldwide, gave billions even trillions of dollars to banks, this time their reversing the process, the reverse process is to allow banks to bail themselves in, by simply going into the accounts of their debt, and taking that money.
On March 26, 2018, the Government of Canada released the final version of the bail-in regulations under the Bank Act and the CDIC Act (Bail-in Regulations). The Bail-In Regulations came into force on September 23, 2018.

A world economic crash is imminent, for Canada & the United States the law has already been passed, for banks to secure themselves.

Here comes the predicted, “Force Majeure”, of 2008.

The problem the human race is faced with, is the consequences of a global meltdown which is going to cost many lives of all ages, before this pandemic is over.

The cure proposed is worse than the illness itself, for this is a manufactured occurrence.  

Remember. This virus is being blown out of proportion, to destabilize the countries worldwide, and to introduce a vaccine, to line the pockets of Mr. Bill Gates, and his cohorts’.


In 2018, The Pirbright Institute was granted a patent for the corona virus; the interesting fact is that the Pirbright Institute is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  On October, 18th of 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with John Hopkins and the world economic forum, hosted event 201, a high-level pandemic simulation in New York City.

The simulation which was held was based on the corona virus. Collectively, they concluded that it could kill 65 million people and decided the solution was to have a vaccine within months of an epidemic.

The same week that the corona virus makes headlines, Netflix releases, the docu-series, pandemic, how to prevent an outbreak, whereby the solution is vaccines. Who is the trusted hero? Bill Gates. Meanwhile, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, fund INOVIO Pharmaceuticals Inc to develop a corona virus vaccine, or am I just a conspiracy theorist?

In 1999, The Bill Gates Foundation gave $2.2 Billion to the United Nations fund to plan parenthood and other population reduction groups. By 2007, Bill Gates had given over $30 Billion, almost exclusively to population control groups. The controlled corporate press wrote that the Gates’ were giving the money to help third world children. The Gates’ were dethroned when the world’s most generous philanthropist, their friend, and world population reduction enthusiast, Warren Buffett, gave $37 Billion to fund and army of population control groups.   




The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation develop a cure before the virus became a pandemic. Why is that? How is that even possible? That appears to be a spectacular discovery. Experts from all over the world, warned of the dangers of 5G. In 2018, it was reported that Wuhan, China would be the test site location for a full 5G network operation.

The article went on to say that it would be fully operational by 2020, and on Halloween of 2019 it was they turned on. Scientists warn that 5G causes flu-like symptoms.  

Society needs to be prepared for chaos, civil war, martial law and even imprisonment. No one seems to believe that these occurrences are imminent, or to look at the big picture.

Up until the pandemic, economic growth was supposed to take care of debt that was growing faster than income. Problem is, all this borrowing “Helicopter Money” worldwide is creating an erosion on future capital needed for growth, in dealing with future events and government operations.

But the fearful question is, what happens when the central banks are not repaid, when social programs go insolvent? What happens when pension funds start to reduce outflows?  If you have not yet seen the picture, this all adds up to OMINOUS EXPECTATIONS or HELL ON EARTH! Once food shortages start to occur the panic will begin to escalate and looting will spread.


Hydro will be available as long as people are able to pay their electric bill. Once the hydro companies start putting people in the dark, and allow heat and cooling to be shut down, you will begin to see mass hysteria. Hydro companies are ruthless, and they have proved that in many situations, over the years. Even though many businesses have closed, including school facilities/buildings, hydro income has been greatly reduced, and it will be a matter of time before they will need another increase.


Once food shortages start to occur the panic will begin to escalate and looting will spread.Municipalities will discover loss of income due to low tax intake and the budgets will be totally screwed. Once the pandemic is under control, people go back to work, then the utilities will increase, property tax will explode for most local cities, towns, and countries.

Consider the following, imagine the utilities doubling, then property tax doubles, while on a fixed income. Throw in higher inflation and fuel costs, add the 50% in carbon tax recently increased April 6, 2020. This adds up to a crisis for some, chaos for others, and insolvency for many.

Consequently, many families will be unable to weather this storm and keep a roof over their heads.

Regretfully, the only source of sustainability we have is a “Fiat” currency that is printed out of thin air, with nothing of value to back up the note. Isn’t that just lovely.

But it you think about it logically, how are they ever going to implement a one world government without a global crisis, that necessitates centralized authoritarian controls.

Therefore, an incident to effect and influence public opinion is necessary.

Welcome to the engineered pandemic, that will create a global economic collapse, to usher in the New World Order, Agenda 21.

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